White Chausa


The undisputed Late Season “Emperor of Mangoes”, White Chausa (or Chanusa) delights with it sweet and citrusy flavor.

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White Chausa (also called White Chaunsa) is a late season variety of the Chausa and is considered one of the sweetest.

  • The White Chausa mango has a citrusy tinge to it and it’s flesh retains a whitish color when ripe. It can grow very large in size during peak season.
  • Our white Chusa mangoes come from the famous orchards of Multan.
  • Each shipment is generally delivered by the Saturday of the batch week. However, please note that the batch dates are only a guideline (based on our experience and best estimate for this season). Actual delivery dates may vary due to seasonal and logistics variations.

Late Season Variety. Order NOW!!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 6 in

Extra Large (12 mangos or about 13-16 lbs), Large (6 mangos, about 6-8 lbs), Small (3 mangos, about 3-4 lbs)

Batch Date

08/17/2020, 08/24/2020, 08/31/2020, 09/07/2020


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