Anwar Ratol


Enjoy the sweetness-packed knockout punch of the small sized Anwar Ratol Mangoes from the world famous regions of Multan in Pakistan and Ratol in India.

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Anwar Ratol is considered one of the sweetest varieties of mango famous in Pakistan and India. Ratol is a small sized mango which has an extremely rich mango profile- it is also known as a small sized mango power house for the amount of mango goodness each anwar ratol mango delivers.

  • Anwar Ratol has 2 variants- the early season and the late season version. The early season ratol is extremely sensitive, highly prone to spoilage, has a thin delicate skin which shrivels when the fruit ripens. However, it is this variant that is highly sought despite its 2-3 week short season. The late season ratol is larger in size, is much more stable and has a thicker skin which does not shrivel easily. It is lesser in sweetness than the early season variant, but very flavorful. Folks who cannot bear to keep up with the speed of spoilage of the early season variety prefer the late season version, although by the time folks really settle down to enjoy the ratol, the late season variety is the only one available.
  • Our Anwar Ratol mangoes come from the famous orchards of Multan/Sindh in Pakistan and from the Ratol village in India, where the variety was originally grown.
  • Each shipment is generally delivered by the Saturday of the batch week. However, please note that the batch dates are only a guideline (based on our experience and best estimate for this season). Actual delivery dates may vary due to seasonal and logistics variations.

Extreme flavor overflow in a small fruit. Order NOW!!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 6 in

Extra Large (24 mangos), Large (12 mangos)

Batch Date

06/15/2020, 06/22/2020, 06/29/2020, 07/06/2020, 07/13/2020, 07/20/2020, 07/27/2020, 08/03/2020, 08/10/2020, 08/17/2020, 08/24/2020, 08/31/2020, 09/07/2020


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