Also known as “Benishaan”, Banganpalli is considered as the “Pride of Andhra” for its majesty, sweetness and flavor. Our fruit comes primarily from the orchards in the Kadapa region of India.

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Banganpalli Mango is the most famous mango grown in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is so popular that it is sometimes known as the “Pride of Andhra”. The mango is supposed to have originated in a village in Andhra Pradesh by the same name. Banganpalli mangoes are also known as Benishan.

  • Sweet like Honey when ripe, our Banganpalli mangoes are in high demand during the Mango Season.
  • Our Banganpalli mangoes typically come from the hills of Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh. Here the weather and soil impart a unique flavor resulting in an awesome Yummy fruit!! In addition we also get Banganpalli from the Rajaumndry and Hyderabad regions of India and  sometimes from the Sindh region of Pakistan.
  • This fruit has a delicate skin which has big pores. As the fruit ripens, sugar oozes out of the pores, giving it a typical black dotted appearance on a clear yellow skin.
  • The delicate skin of the Kadapa Banganpalli is also consumed along with the fruit by many people as it is very flavorful.
  • Each shipment is generally shipped within a week of the batch date. However, please note that the batch dates are only a guideline (based on our experience and best estimate for this season). Actual delivery dates may vary due to seasonal and logistics variations.

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*The size and count specified is the most likely number based on our experience. Please note that the size of the fruit can vary widely during a season. Count depends upon how many fruits can be safely packed in the box without causing spoilage.

**The weight range specified is a guideline and gives the range when the fruit is being packed. There can be a large variation in the weight of the fruit depending upon many factors such as the rate of ripening, the nature of the fruit etc. Please note that mango can lose weight daily at the rate of 2 to 5 percent.

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Weight 3 lbs
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05/06/2024, 05/13/2024, 05/20/2024, 05/27/2024, 06/03/2024, 06/10/2024, 06/17/2024


Extra Large (13-16 lbs** or 12-24 mangos*), Full Large (12 Mangoes*), Large (6 mangos*, about 6-8 lbs**), Medium (6 mangos*), Small (3-4 lbs** or 3-6 mangos*)


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