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Jan 2020 – Sales Update …

  • The 2020 Mango Season for India and Pakistan is on sale.
  •  Fruit starts shipping the week of April 13 from India. The first to ship will be the Ratnagiri Alphonso mango.
  • Article: Ratnagiri Alphonso- Devgad Alphonso- King of Kings: Full Article: read here
  • Season Passes announced for Alphonso, Banganpalli, Kesar, Langra, Chausa, Dussehri, and for the Full Mango Season, Indian Mango Season and the Pakistani Mango Season. 

26 thoughts on “Jan 2020 – Sales Update …

  1. HI ,

    I’m looking for bulk Mango orders in the summer . could you guys share your details to talk more on this . I stay in the Ohio state USA . you can reach me back on my email Initially

    1. What is your contact phone number? Jai.

  2. Hi, how can I place an order, or is COVID 19 changing deliveries?

    1. David,
      The website is open for orders. We do expect the season to start first week of May once India and USA open up. We are awaiting for further updates from USDA. In case the initial batches are delayed, they will be shipped when the season starts.
      Customer Support,

  3. Do you expect Ratnagiri/Devgad Al[honso to arrive in May

    1. Vivek,
      We are currently working to start the season in these uncertain times. This is a unique situation where changes in the import protocol are expected. If all goes well, the season is expected to start first week of May with the Ratnagiri Alphonso mango.
      Customer Support,

  4. Hi,
    Will the lockdown in India affect mango shipments to USA?
    I would like to order but I am waiting for confirmation about the shipment.
    Also, last year I didn’t have a good experience with customer service so I fear that if I order mangoes now and pay but due to lockdown if the mangoes don’t arrive or are spoilt, I will not get an refundor assistance from customer service.

    Thank you

    1. Priyanka,
      We are currently expecting the season to start the week of May 18. All feedback from USDA and India is that they are working hard to save the season.
      Regarding your experience last year, generally customer service does get back on any pending issues. Sometimes smaller issues could get left out due to the sheer volume of input during the season, but that is no excuse. Let me look into your issue from last year and get back to you.

  5. Hi
    I need Anwar rathor mangoes .I am based in UK .

    1. Currently we don’t ship to UK.

      Customer Support,

  6. Hello Dear,
    What is the update on mangoes this year? I’m looking forward to Chausa, Langra and Sindhri mangoes. Kindly inform me. Thanks

    1. These varieties should be more or less on schedule.

  7. are the batches on time ?

    1. Initial delay due to lockdown. Expected to start 3rd week of May.
      Customer Support

  8. I order a extra large Alphonso box and my batch date is 05/04/2020. When should I expect my shipment located in USA SC?

    1. Postponed to the week of 5/18 due to lockdown as mentioned on our website. Contact customer support for more information
      Customer Support,

  9. I have placed an order, when will it be delivered ?

    1. Vikalp,
      We have sent you an update via email.
      Customer Support

  10. Any update on the delivery dates?

  11. Hi,

    Are you delivering to Ohio, USA this season?


    1. yes. We deliver to all the contiguous US states.
      Customer Service,

  12. Hello I don’t have any business just like to order for my self and family . How I can order.

  13. Hi,
    I want to know if you are still delivering Mangoes this season.
    I want to order Banganpalli.
    Last message I can see is its postponed till 05/18 due to lockdown.
    Want to check if still in lockdown or started delivering the mangoes.

  14. My family has organic mango farm and would like to export to USA. Is there a way to be your supplier and if so how would I go about it.

    1. We assume that your orchards are approved for export to USA. Pleae contact support@

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